Weight loss tends to become increasingly difficult during any prolonged period of success. That’s because the body naturally becomes more protective of its fat stores after a significant amount of weight has been lost.  As result, metabolic functioning slows down and fewer calories are burned. If you have just reached a frustrating weight loss plateau and are finding it ever more challenging to reach your health and fitness goals, the following tips could prove helpful.

Identify And Eliminate Secondary Barriers

There are a number of factors that can impede weight loss. Once you have successfully managed to attain balanced eating habits and a feasible fitness routine, your main concern should be avoiding nutritional deficiencies, starvation mode and stress. A lot of people make the mistake of trimming additional calories once their rate of weight loss slows down. This can put the metabolism into a state of shock and cause the body to enter into starvation mode. Your best bet is to consider practicing moderation and balance in all areas of your diet to ensure that no important nutrients are being overlooked and that your energy requirements are being met. If insufficient nutrition is the cause of your slow-down, eating more of the right foods could put your body back on the right track.

Be Patient

A slow down in weight loss does not mean that fat burners is no longer occurring. Instead, it often means that the body just wants to slow things down a bit. When a person is severely overweight, the body is anxious to shed unnecessary fat stores as an urgent measure to protect itself. Once a person’s weight has normalized, however, the body completes these efforts at a more moderate pace and thus, getting rid of those last ten to fifteen pounds will not prove impossible, but it is virtually guaranteed to take a bit more time.

Increase Your Strength Training

Strength training builds muscle. The more muscle that your body has to support, the more fat and calories that must be burned to meet your energy requirements. Don’t make the mistake of cutting calories, but instead focus on creating new lean muscle mass that primes your metabolism for the next level of success. Use resistance activities that involve lifting or working against your own body weight such as pull-ups, push-ups, lunges and squats. These will keep your frame lean and lithe, as opposed to the bigger, bulkier look that people often develop when lifting weights.

Use Targeted Toning Exercises To Build Your Ideal Physique

Your strength training routine should involve targeted activities for cutting into your trouble zones. It is not possible to strategically lose weight in specific areas. Weight loss is always uniform so do not expect to experience signs of spot reduction even with top fat burners. Targeted training is therefore essential for attaining your ideal physique. Moreover, as you improve the look of your least favorite areas, you may find that you are actually quite happy at your current body weight.